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Maximize Your Learning: Top YouTube Channels That Will Skyrocket Your Knowledge

A collage of elements from many YouTube learning channels.

I’ve become concerned about my tendency to watch whatever the YouTube algorithm puts in front of me. Shorts, especially, are prone to be devoid of meaningful life-enriching content. To alleviate this, below is a list of YouTube channels that will educate and entertain — edutainment, you might say. Crash Course At Crash Course, we believe […]

Unlock Your Memory Potential: The Power of Physical Activity in Learning

This post is a rewrite of information in Bill Murphy Jr.’s Understandably email, 2024-Feb-19 Boost Your Memory with “Physical Activity Sandwich” In a recent scientific study conducted by researchers from the University of Copenhagen, a three-part trick to enhance memory during learning has been identified. Here’s the breakdown of the strategy: 1. Exercise Moderately to […]

27 Thoughtful Questions to Spark Deeper Conversations and Build Better Relationships

Two young people having an intense conversation over coffee. B&W

The Seattle Times suggests replacing common conversational questions with more thoughtful ones to foster deeper connections. Instead of “How are you?” ask about joy; explore favorite spaces at home instead of origin; inquire about childhood pastimes, preferred research topics, and personal aspirations to describe upcoming months. Emphasize self-reflection and understanding in relationships, touching on topics like new passions, confronting unexpressed truths, and the impact of societal issues. Encourage sharing personal learnings, unchanged attributes, and self-consistency to nurture closeness and self-discovery.