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Revolutionizing Entertainment: OpenAI Unleashes Sora, a Game-Changing AI Text-to-Video Marvel

A futuristic robot operates a video camera. A night view of a modern city is in the background.

OpenAI launches “Sora,” a cutting-edge AI text-to-video technology with lifelike realism, intensifying competition in generative AI. Infusing unprecedented detail, Sora advances OpenAI’s goal towards artificial general intelligence, challenging video-centric AI startups and signaling disruptive potential in entertainment and content creation. As industry leaders react, the focus shifts to strategic innovation and market expansion in a fast-evolving AI landscape.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions

Looking over a young man's shoulder to see a laptop computer. The computer screen shows the ChatGPT interface.

Give yourself an improved ChatGPT experience by customizing your account. You can tell ChatGPT about yourself, and also direct how you would like the AI to respond to you.