The Unstoppable Surge: A.I.’s Transformative Impact – Beyond Hype, Beyond Expectations

A robotic hand touches a human hand, similar to the famous painting of god touching Adam.
Roelof Both of Sequoia Capital asserts that AI's impact will rival that of the internet, cloud computing, and mobile technology, benefitting from these advances. He firmly believes AI is not hype and predicts it will surpass expectations, describing it as transformational for the future.

The AI wave rivals the internet and it rivals cloud computing and it rivals mobile, and it really benefits from all of those and I don’t think it’s hype. I promise you it will exceed our expectations in years to come. It is transformative.”

Roelof Both, “Senior Steward” of Sequoia Capital, an investment firm that helped build companies that now make up 27% of the value in the NASDAQ
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